I got to apply my knowledge of product design in the professional world working alongside experienced designers, engineers, and manufacturers. 
I worked with the cooking team to design an oven tray system concept that can accommodate a wide variety of cooking uses and is easier to handle and clean.   This involved in depth research, experimentation, and ideation.
The tray system allows the user to easily place in a wireframe into the oven.  It then has two layers - a bottom tier to insert a "catch tray" to catch any falling grease, and then a top tier to easily slide in different kinds of cooking trays.
I designed three different versions of the Great Tray System targeting different price ranges.
I worked with the refrigeration team to design concepts for a new refrigerator dispenser and interface that was different than what is currently on the market.  Below are just the initial sketches and form studies.
I also did form iterations for various parts of the refrigerator such as the back of the dispenser and creating in-set door handles.
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